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Welcome to the opening-angle site ! (hu? what is this?)

Tip: If you want to submit your computer,
all you need to do is to take it's picture according to the instructions.
After that the applet will help you calculate it's angle and upload it to the server. it's really easy :)

All Models

pic laptop angle comment
Acer_M5.jpg Acer M5 145°
Apple_MacBook.jpg Apple MacBook 135°
Apple_MacBook.jpg Apple MacBook 135° MacBook unibody 13"
Apple_Macbook_Air_13.jpg Apple MacBook Air 13 136°
Apple_MacBookPro.jpg Apple MacBookPro 136°
Apple_Macbook_Pro.jpg Apple Macbook Pro 148°
ASUS_1015bx.jpg ASUS 1015bx 134° strange, almost the same design x101h opens more
ASUS_EEE_1215N.jpg ASUS EEE 1215N 125°
ASUS_Eee_pc_1005HA.jpg ASUS Eee pc 1005HA 137°
ASUS_U52F-BBL9.jpg ASUS U52F-BBL9 147°
ASUS_VX6.jpg ASUS VX6 130°
Dell_Inspiron_1520.jpg Dell Inspiron 1520 162° I love's me dell
Dell_Inspiron_7537.jpg Dell Inspiron 7537 130°
Dell_inspiron_1501.jpg Dell inspiron 1501 195°
Fujitsu_Alamo_500.jpg Fujitsu Alamo 500 133°
Gigabyte_W566N.jpg Gigabyte W566N 121°
HP_Envy_14.jpg HP Envy 14 131°
HP_pavillion.jpg HP pavillion 135° dv6500
IBM_ThinkPad_T60p.jpg IBM ThinkPad T60p 194°
Lenovo_3000_N200.jpg Lenovo 3000 N200 142°
Lenovo_T61.jpg Lenovo T61 160° With enlarged battery
Lenovo_T61.jpg Lenovo T61 186°
Lenovo_ThinkPad_X1_Carbon.jpg Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 176° My precious
Lenovo_ThinkPad_X61s.jpg Lenovo ThinkPad X61s 190° with battery pack
Lenovo_Thinkpad_T61p.jpg Lenovo Thinkpad T61p 186°
LG_P510.jpg LG P510 135°
MSI_GX680.jpg MSI GX680 180°
MSI_ge600.jpg MSI ge600 180°
MSI_gx620.jpg MSI gx620 183°
Samsung_Chromebook.jpg Samsung Chromebook 135°
Samsung_Series_9.jpg Samsung Series 9 150°
Toshiba_Satellite_A100.jpg Toshiba Satellite A100 182°
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